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Service update 1: Apologies for the non-availability of this site from the 8th April to 19th May 2020. My hosting company, Vodien, broke IPv6 access when migrating me from Quadra (whom they took over). Took them 6 weeks to resolve the issue. Thankfully IPv6 access is now restored.

Service update 2: This site shows random “this domain has been suspended” - it appears that Vodien's hosting platform is unable to properly handle HTTP/1.1 requests or recognise the requested URL. This is ongoing with no known resolution as Vodien are unwilling and unable to fix.

Service update 3: Apologies for the non-availability of this site during week of 13th October due to yet another failure of Vodien. IPv6 access is irretrievably broken, and their name servers for my domain were unresponsive. I've removed IPv6 support and reverted DNS hosting to my domain registrar.

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